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The Rising Popularity of Transformers Games Online games have become a very popular pastime for many these days. Have you noticed that more games these days were developed based on famous movies? It certainly became a very typical practice in the previous decade. A sample of this trend evolves all over the Transformer’s movie franchise. The more popular a movie takes place to be, the more popular a derivative game which is created based on the film will be. It best explains the rising fame of Transformers games, one of the most famous video games that you will surely love playing with your device today. It’s important to understand the way the game is working to have fun with it. When we speak about adventure and action Transformers games, we talk about the action packed journey seen over the eyes of autobots. Your journey here is saving the entire world and the mankind from evil Decepticon. In the game, you will act as the Autobot leader who is known as Optimus Prime. He came out from the planet Cyberton. He’s a strong and brave and wise leader. His mission is protecting all humanity and life on Earth. You will venture over a series of action-packed levels wherein you’re presented with most challenges. You would find yourself consistently being threatened and attacked by the Decepticon robot. With their hi-tech armory, power and weapons, you destroy all your adversaries one at a time. It will bring you the step closer to save the planet. Do not forget that when the battle is getting though, you’re always capable of transforming into the truck and then speed your way from danger. Not all transformer games are adventure and action packed games, but, you would find a number of games made available for you. These games may range from racing games, RPG games, fighting games and also puzzle games. Another famous variation is the fighting games. These are 2 player games wherein you as well as your opponent fight against one another till one has been destroyed. In such games, you will be given a time limitation for your battle. You need to have a full health bar which would get drained if you attacked but you failed to win. Your objective will be to destroy your rival before the other party destroys you. You may select your favorite Transformers character that appears equipped with weapons which are unique to this character. You have to make use of your weapons as well as your super powers carefully and wisely to level up and reach success. As you might already know, the movie Transformers is the franchise. There is more than one and it forms a situation wherein more money has been made for the reason that the Transformers games could ride the splash of fame and the buzz that was generated by the film itself. Therefore, if you look and see the rising popularity of Transformers games, it is not some random accident. It is the result of careful preparation, expert implementation and the dedicated group of professionals.

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